Ciao Bella
Ciao Bella
Ciao Bella


Ciao Bella

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Region: Columbia, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea
Roast: For Espresso
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Nuts, Stonefruit, Brown Sugar

Meet The Bean

"Hello Beautiful"

Ciao Bella is the classic Italian espresso blend you can find in our beans studio. It is served with triple blends of 100% Arabica beans from Columbia, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea. This blend celebrates great balance of the rich and bold body with mellow brightness, achieved through the darker side of artful roasting. The hints of nuts and chocolate, with a long pleasant aftertaste, made it perfect for those who like their espresso with a kick.

Our Recommendations

Ciao Bella is roasted for espresso, best pair with cinnamon buns.


For a great tasting cup of coffee, it is always ideal to grind the beans just before you brew.

If you do not have a grinder, we can always grind the fresh coffee for you, just select the grinding style depending on your brewing method. 


For the best flavor, coffee needs a minimum of 12-24 hours to rest after roasting before it is brewed, hence we always recommend to check the roast date before you brew.