Ethiopia Yirgacheffee
Ethiopia Yirgacheffee
Ethiopia Yirgacheffee


Ethiopia Yirgacheffee

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Single Origin Coffee

Region: Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe
Notes: Blackcurrant, Cranberry, Honey, Orange Blossom

Grown at an altitude above 1700 meters above sea level, coffee beans from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe receive more sunlight and are exposed to a cold climate, all of which help build a coffee profile that is complex with floral notes, high tone of sweetness, bright acidity with a vibrant after taste. 

With notes of blackcurrant and cranberry, its bright flavour makes it a perfect drink as dessert drink! The sweetness is better illustrated when served cold!

10g Ground Coffee x 8 packets per box

Nitrogen infused to ensure freshness