50 Shades of Earl Grey


50 Shades of Earl Grey

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Single Origin 

Country: Ethiopia
Producer: Abdullah Bagersh
Altitude: 1800-2050m
Varietal: Native Heirlooms
Processes: Washed
Notes: Earl Grey and Lavender

This coffee is roasted to Light to highlight its floral, and citric notes. Perfect for filter brews!

50 Shades of Earl Grey is a brand and idea that was developed by exporter and producer Abdullah Bagersh. This coffee is a great example of what a washed coffee from the Yirgacheffe region are prized for – Clean, Sweet, Complex florals, and Citric acidity. The Misty Valley brand has been operating for over 70 years now, with the Bagersh family also being involved in coffee for several generations now.

Abdullah Bagersh focuses their efforts in sorting and purchasing each coffee with care and thoughtful planning – choosing only the finest grade of coffee (often graded as Q1 or Q2).

This lot that we acquired is the result of careful production by smallholder farmers in the Kochere and Yirgacheffe district. The farmers diligently pick only the ripest of cherries, followed by precise steps in processing, in order to produce such consistent and delicious coffees.

 The ecosystem in Kochere, Yirgacheffe is incredibly diverse, with over 15 types of indigenous shade trees such as the Albizia, Sesbania, and False Banana tree among the most commonly shade tree used by farmers in the Gedeo zone. The rich red – reddish brown clay and fertile soil contribute to the quality that is well known for these coffees. This is a great example of how terroir affects the characters and flavour attributes in coffee.

In the cup, you will find intense florals in the form of Lavender and Jasmine flowers, along with the complex yet, sweet notes of Bergamot. This coffee has a light and clean character, with plenty of citric acidity accompanied by sweetness in the form of berries. It has a tea-like finish akin to Black Tea, which reminds us of a fragrant cup of Earl Grey tea, thanks to its prominent Lavender notes especially when cooled.