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Single Origin

Origin Colombia
Region Antioquia
Varietal  100% Maragogype
Process  Fully Washed

Taste Profile: Mandarin, Muscat Grapes, White Rum, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla
Brew: Espresso

Coffee Story

This coffee is an exclusive micro-lot originating from a small town in Antioquia, Columbia. The Maragogype is commonly known for its enormous bean size when compared to other arabica varietals, earning it the name Elephant Beans.

This coffee is produced by Ariel Montoya, the owner of Hacienda El Boton. El Boton is a single estate coffee farm which has been planting trees of the Maragogipe variety since 1931. Its exceptional ecosystem, high humidity levels and quality soil conditions all come together to ensure an exquisite aroma and balanced cup. Only a few plantations in the world continue to grow the Maragogype due to its low yield. 

We love this great tasting coffee for its fruity notes of mandarins and muscat grapes. Expect hints of white rum, dark chocolate and vanilla as well.