Baba Simba, Kenya - SL28 / SL34 / Ruiru


Baba Simba, Kenya - SL28 / SL34 / Ruiru

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Single Origin

Country: Kenya
Flavour Notes: Currant, Cranberry, Red Apple, Raisin

This coffee is produced in Embu - A major coffee producing municipality in Kenya.

Its AA grading tells us its large screen size (bean size), often associated with vibrance in acidity in coffee. 

In this case, it is definitely true. This coffee boasts vibrant acidity, refined fruitiness, and having a very juicy mouthfeel to each cup made with it.

Though we often pull espressos and brew filters with the same roast degrees, we feel inclined to be roasting this coffee slightly on the lighter side to bring out that clarity and juiciness.

A bright coffee to perk up your day surprisingly very versatile both as a black coffee and paired with milk, producing completely different flavour results.

A sweet, honey-like flavour with peachy notes almost makes you think you added a teaspoon of sugar in your flat white.