Bolivia - Gesha - 48h Semi-anaerobic


Bolivia - Gesha - 48h Semi-anaerobic

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Single Origin, Gesha

Country: Bolivia 
Region: Caranavi - Yungas
Altitude: 1700 masl.
Process: Washed 48h semi-anaerobic
Cupping Score: SCA - 88.75p
Notes: Pomelo, pineapple, yellow plum. Milky texture and elderflower finish

The "Agricafe" company is owned by the Rodriguez family, who started this business in 1986. At that time, the family used to rent wet mills in Caranavi region, buying cherries from 2,000 producers and in 2001 they built their current wet mill, called Buena Vista, in Caranavi. Later they decided to buy land and start farming as well, and after years of hard work, they now have a total of 13 farms - they produce coffee, process it and export it themselves. Trapiche is one of the farms owned by the Rodriguez family, with wild forest patches participating in keeping the biodiversity of the farm. 

This is a 100% Gesha lot, processed in a unique manner - the washed semi-anaerobic method. After washing and floating the cherries, the coffee has been pulped and fermented in a water-filled tank for 48 hours. The natural complexity of the Gesha variety, in combination with this unique processing method, amounts to a bright, clean cup of coffee, with intense flavours of ripe tropicals and florals.