Brazil l Sul De Minas l Oso Pardo l Natural


Brazil l Sul De Minas l Oso Pardo l Natural

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Single Origin 

Coffee Information

Farm: Oso Pardo
Town / City: Sul De Minas
Country: Brazil
Region/ Town: Sul De Minas
Processed: Natural
Altitude: 900+ metres above sea level
Overall: Chocolate, Chestnut, Hint of Apricot, Yellow Raisins, Good Acidity
Natural Suitable for Filter, Cold Brew, Espresso

We bought this coffee directly from 2nd Mile Coffee, this coffee will be the main component of the Dockyard blend. If you haven't tried you might want to consider it on cold brew or filter for someone who likes acidity to be a low and strong cup with good flavours.

After roasting and cupping samples after samples, we decided that this coffee suits local taste more. 

In addition to coffee and quality, Fazenda California is fully committed to social sustainability and has invested in school programs and church renovation for the workers on the farm. 

We truly love this coffee so much that we experiment it on cold brew, filter and espresso, the results turns out amazing. This coffee will remain roasted as filter roast profile as it will bring out the best profile for this coffee.