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Single Origin

Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 1800m
Process: Washed
Quality score: 83.25
Light roast
Perfect for: Pour over (filter). Also works lovely as Espresso, French Press, Aeropress, Cold Brew
Notes: Black tea, Cherry, Coffee blossom, Raisin, Raspberry

Our aim when picking coffees is always flavor. And the Rubanda definitely has flavor! A wonderful melange of fruity flavors along with a bit of black tea tart will make you go brew another cup even before the aftertaste will leave your mouth!

This coffee is processed and dried in the hills of the Mutambu region in Burundi and processed at the Rubanda washing station In this region coffee is produced by small farmers on cultivated land that is often less than a hectare in size. It is handpicked from August til October at an altitude of 1800m and because of the mountainous landscape, there is a lot of manual labor needed to pick the coffee, transport it down the mountain and process it.

Note that all International Coffees are not roast to order and your coffee will be from their latest roast batch.  Updated as at August 20