Cherry Bomb


Cherry Bomb

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Single Origin 

Country: Ethiopia
Producer: Operation Cherry Red
Altitude: 1853m
Varietal: Heirloom Varietals
Processes: Natural
Notes: Ripe, Dark Cherries

This coffee is roasted to a Medium-Light degree to emphasise on its fruity profile. Suitable for both Filter and Espresso brews.

 This coffee is produced under Operation Cherry Red. This lot hails from the village of Kebado, in the Sidamo province of Ethiopia.

"Operation Cherry Red" (OCR) is a special small scale initiative. Before the annual harvest the coffee farmers prepare to produce special micro-lots of about 1500 to 3000kg - using only 100% Ripe Red Coffee Cherries. The farmers pick out the fully ripe red cherries from all the arrivals like sorting only the most perfectly ripe apples. Cherry Reds make a big difference in the cup, as they possess deep aromas and naturally sweet taste profiles that are truly exceptional, and showcase the true flavours of Ethiopian Coffee.