Colombia l Huila l San Vicente l Washed


Colombia l Huila l San Vicente l Washed

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Single Origin

Farm: San Vicente
Varietal: Castillo , Colombia
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1900 to 2200 metres above sea level
Region: Narino South of Colombia
Cupping Notes Overall: Grape Fruits, Coconut, Sugar Cane
Notes on Espresso (This coffee is amazing on Espresso)
Overall: Floral, Chocolate, Very Sweet aftertaste after cooled 

We worked with an Australian producer company that source real good Colombians, we find their coffee processing very interest and unique. Unlike the other Colombia coffee we bought before. Most of their coffees are available on Market Lane, Proud Mary etc..

For 80 years their family business has grown and distributed the finest Colombian coffee to local exporters. In 2015 they expanded their operations and began producing, sourcing and exporting speciality coffee to the rest of the world.As growers, they specialise in alternative fermentation processes that are new to Colombia. On their farm and and Processing Centre La Pradera, the most exotic varieties are processed achieving unique profiles that are unknown for Colombian coffees.

This coffee has multi-layer flavour for Filter/Pourover and Espresso, good value for money.


This coffee is produced by smallholders that that members of OCCICAGE. Cooperative in the San Vicente region of Huila. In 2015, OCCICAFE shifted it focus and has been making large improvement in the quality of coffee that they are producing. Once harvested, producers deliver samples of their coffee assessed and classified into a distinct grade based on cup score: Commerical, regional, regional plus, or micro-lot. 

Coffee that meets the regional plus standard needs to cup above 85 points and must have a moisture contact of between 10-11%. Since 2018, a selection of OCCICAFE most innovative producer have started processing honey with assistance.