Colombia l Narino l Tablon De Gomez l Washed


Colombia l Narino l Tablon De Gomez l Washed

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Single Origin

Farm: Tablon De Gomez
Varietal: Castillo , Caturra
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1800 to 2100 metres above sea level
Region: Narino South of Colombia
Cupping Notes Overall: Black Berries, Mandarin, Cacoa, Figs and Honey
Notes on Espresso (This coffee is amazing on Espresso) Overall: Tropical fruit, Balance acidity and sweetness, Honey Comb after cooled

We worked with an Australian producer company that source real good Colombians, we find their coffee processing very interest and unique. Unlike the other Colombia coffee we bought before. Most of their coffees are available on Market Lane, Proud Mary etc..

For 80 years their family business has grown and distributed the finest Colombian coffee to local exporters. In 2015 they expanded their operations and began producing, sourcing and exporting speciality coffee to the rest of the world.As growers, they specialise in alternative fermentation processes that are new to Colombia. On their farm and and Processing Centre La Pradera, the most exotic varieties are processed achieving unique profiles that are unknown for Colombian coffees.

This coffee has multi-layer flavour for Filter/Pourover and Espresso, good value for money.


Produced by smallholders from Tablon De Gomez, Narino. This small municipality is a two hours drive away from Buesaco, Narino where some of the most unique microlots from Narino are produced.

Narino is located in the south of Colombia on the border with Ecuador. If you have tried Ecuador coffee, this coffee grown in Narino is exceptionally delicious.