Costa Rica - Aquiares Estate - Red Honey


Costa Rica - Aquiares Estate - Red Honey

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Single Origin 

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Cartago - Turrialba
Altitude: 1200 masl. / H1 Centroamericano
Process: Red Honey
Cupping Score: SCA - 86.75p
Notes: Black tea, melon, grapefruit, silky texture.

"Aquiares" is the largest farm in Costa Rica, and home to 1800 people - a community living and working on the enchanting slopes of the Turrialba volcano, with a lush area of forests, rivers, fauna, and bright flora. Through excellent agricultural management, embracing new varieties, and experimenting with processing, "Aquiares" has become a leader among specialty coffee producers in Costa Rica and all of Central America.
"Centroamericano H1" is a hybrid variety, generated by crossing the "Sarchimor T-5296" and the wild "Rume Sudan" variety. This hybrid is high-yielding and rust-resistant and also has a complex, elegant profile. 

"Red Honey" processing removes the cherry skin, but leaves the sweet mucilage intact on the coffee bean during the drying stage. The descriptor “red” refers to the color of the mucilage, as it dries on the coffee beans. This is later hulled off with the parchment during milling, but the sugars have been absorbed into the coffee bean, giving greater dimension to the final cup.