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Single Origin 

Region Barberena, Fraijanes
Producer Christian Rasch
Altitude 1300 - 1450 MASL
Variety Bourbon
Notes: Milk Chocolate, Maple Syrup and Cherry
Brew: Espresso
The El Hato farm was originally purchased by Mr. Enrique Topke in 1938. It is now managed by Enqrique's third and fourth generation descendants, Christian Rasch and his father. Located in Barberena, of the Fraijanes coffee region, El Hato sits at 1450 meters above sea level. This farm has consistently produced a balanced, sweet and chocolaty cup loved by coffee drinkers across Europe, North America, Japan, and now Australia and the SEA region!  
In 2018 El Hato suffered immensely from Roya (Coffee Leaf Rust) - losing over 60% of its production. Christian tells us how sad it was to see this attack of the disease and the ensuring loss. But as with many difficult situations, new possibilities emerged and the team at El Hato were quick to jump on them. Since this initial setback, Christian has planted over 200,000 new trees of different varieties resistant to Roya and adopted a range of new methods, including organic composting, to keep the plants of El Hato well fed and healthy. 
Aside from all this activity on El Hato, Christian and his family have also been working to support the local community with the complete overhaul of an abandoned public school. Located on a neighbouring lot which the family purchased, the dilapidated building was brought back to life over 6 months and proudly re-opened back to the public for local children.