Espresso - La Palma y El Tucán N&C Las Mercedes
Espresso - La Palma y El Tucán N&C Las Mercedes


Espresso - La Palma y El Tucán N&C Las Mercedes

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Single Origin

200g Roasted for Espresso



1650 m.a.s.l

Cudinamarca, Colombia

La Palma y El Tucan

Tasting Notes
Cherries, merlot, dark choc

Having inherited the farm Las Mercedes from her father 25 years ago, Doña Rosalía Rodríguez has cultivated beautiful coffee cherries from 2,500 Castillo coffee trees on the farm. By being a part of La Palma y El Tucán's Neighbors & Crops program, which is designed to offer incentives to neighboring coffee-growing families to be a part of revitalising the coffee-growing culture in Colombia. This helps small-scale farmers like Rosalía to produce top-quality coffee by being able to control the coffee processes and commit to the highest quality standards. 

For this stunning coffee which uses a bio-innovation process, La Palma y El Tucán honours the main principles of organic farming. They create their own fermentation substrate by capturing and reproducing microorganisms found in the farm’s beautiful forests and mix them with perfectly ripen cherries in a clay pot for 100 hours. This combination allows them to create a sustainable closed cycle. After the fermentation, they remove the leftovers and reuse them as compost.