Ethiopia - Shakiso Wako


Ethiopia - Shakiso Wako

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Single Origin 

Country: Ethiopia 
Region: Guji - Oromia
Altitude: 2230 masl. / Heirloom 74110 and 74112
Proces: Washed / Organic
Cupping Score: SCA - 86.00p
Notes: Clean and fruity, black tea, lime and florals.

Shakisso woreda, one of the most prominent areas in Guji zone of Ethiopia, is located in the Southeast of Yirgacheffe with an average altitude of 1800m. The Guji zone in Oromia region takes pride in its favourable geographical position, and was declared as an independent producing zone in the year 2010 by the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX).

Combined with its vast daily temperature differences and a rich amount of vertisol (a soil in which there is a high content of expansive clay minerals), small lot farmers around Shakisso has been consistently producing specialty quality coffee widely loved by many, including competition participants.