Felipe Arcila Eden Gardens WWEF
Felipe Arcila Eden Gardens WWEF


Felipe Arcila Eden Gardens WWEF

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Single Origin
Country: Colombia
Origin: Pijao, Quindío, Colombia
Elevation: 1760-2050masl
Varietal: Castillo
Processed: White Wine Extended Fermentation
Tasting Notes: Chardonnay, cranberries, white grapes, rum and sherry. Expect a soft, fruit-forward acidity in a winey yet dynamic cup with a malty nose when ground, light to medium body, and a chocolate liqueur finish. 

We are oh so very excited to introduce this new addition to our single-origin selection to you all!

Jardines Del Eden, or Eden Gardens is the first farm to be purchased by Felipe and Carlos Arcila of Cofinet. The farm has existing Castillo, which is a varietal developed by the National Federation of Coffee Growers in Colombia. Castillo is more productive than Caturra, and is resistant to the coffee leaf rust, a disease that is devastating to susceptible coffee plantations.

Grown by Felipe Arcila, this coffee is exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 30 hours inside grain-pro bags. The cherries are then dried on raised beds until 20% moisture content is achieved. By lowering the moisture content at this stage, it allows for a more controlled extension of the fermentation. The coffee is then placed inside grain-pro bags for 80 hours. At this stage fermentation is driven by natural yeasts. Finally, the cherries are laid out to dry on raised beds to 10.5% moisture content. 

The Arcila family has been involved in coffee production for the past 80 years. Felipe’s grandfather worked for a large coffee exporter in Colombia, his father Jairo followed suit, and his mother adopted the farming lifestyle when she joined the family. The Arcila brothers are carrying on the farming legacy and steering change in the Colombian community.