Finca Santa Rosa


Finca Santa Rosa

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Single Origin

Cupping Score: 87 

Region: Narino
Mouthfeel: Round, smooth.
Variety: Castillo
Process: Fully Washed
ProducerJose Efrain Villada
Altitude: 2240 meters above sea level
Notes: Black cherry, hazelnut and mandarin. The distinctive juicy fruitiness of the coffee is layered, revealing multiple fruit notes.

Finca Santa Rosa combines the best of two worlds where the high altitude of the Andean mountains combines with the careful farming and skilful processing of owner Jose Efrain Villada to create a vibrant cup. The distinctive juicy fruitiness of the coffee is layered, revealing multiple fruit notes. 

Like most other farms in the San Lorenzo region, Finca Santa Rosa is small. Owner Jose Efrain Villada and his family farm the 1 hectare themselves. One advantage to this is that they control the quality of their harvest in its entirety. They do not need to rely on seasonal labour and pickers to harvest only mature cherry as instructed. They simply complete the work to spec themselves! 

The combination of land and microclimate at San Lorenzo has already proven its potential to produce outstanding coffee. Combined with Jose’s meticulous farming and processing methods, Finca Santa Rosa consistently produces high quality specialty coffee.  

Pour Over recipe: 

20g coffee coarse grind
300g of filtered water
40g bloom 90 seconds
91 degrees Celsius

1) Pour 40g water for blooming for 90 seconds.
2) 90 seconds in, begin your continuous center pour of 240g of water.
3) Stop the dripper at 4 minutes and 15 seconds

Note that all International Coffees are not roast to order and your coffee will be from their latest roast batch.  Updated as at September 10