Hola Llama
Hola Llama
Hola Llama


Hola Llama

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Single Origin

Region: Mexico, Peru
Roast: For Espresso
Tasting Notes: Dark Cocoa, Caramel, Buttery

Meet The Bean

'Don't Panic, It's Organic'

Hola means 'hey' in Mexican and llama is such an adorable animal that has become so synonymous with Peruvian culture, so we thought why not put them together in the bean's name. Hola Llama is the one and only organic blend you can find in our beans studio. This blend of Mexican and Peruvian arabica beans is skillfully roasted with only heat added to the already organically grown beans, nothing else. The Peruvian builds the texture and body, while Mexican offers buttery tones and milk chocolate. 

Our Recommendation

Hola Llama is best enjoyed with milk, and pairs well with wheat, whole wheat, and whole grain bread.


For a great tasting cup of coffee, it is always ideal to grind the beans just before you brew.

If you do not have a grinder, we can always grind the fresh coffee for you, just select the grinding style depending on your brewing method. 


For the best flavor, coffee needs a minimum of 12-24 hours rest after roasting before it is brewed, hence we always recommend to check the roast date before you brew.