Indonesia Sweet Lakshana, Natural Carbonic Maceration


Indonesia Sweet Lakshana, Natural Carbonic Maceration

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Single Origin 

Country: Indonesia
Region: Bali
Producer: Small Estate Farm
Process: Natural Carbonic Maceration
Varietal: S795, USDA
Altitude: 1200-1350 MASL

Flavour Profile: Dried Prune, Hawthorn, Starfruit

This particular coffee is from the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.
Growing at an elevation of 1,200 to 1,350 metres above seal level lies a small estate farm that
redefine your perceptions about Balinese and Indonesian coffee,
with the increasingly popular carbonic maceration process.

With careful handpicking, selecting and sorting, the coffee cherries are picked and collected in a deep ceramic tank
that allows the farmers to remove floaters or unripe cherries,
before being left piled in water channel for close to 10 hours to dry ferment with their skins.

The coffee cherries are then collected and left in a controlled,
carbon dioxide-rich environment to ferment for about 62 hours.

Carbonic maceration allows the coffee to macerate to highly the nature fruit flavours of these beautiful Balinese coffee
as well to increase the cleanliness in the cup, giving a fruity and vibrate cup profile.
We enjoyed this coffee very much and look forward to have this beautiful coffee with you.

Tad Coffee works with 2nd Mile Coffee to bring you this amazing Balinese coffee.