Karin Hernandez, Guatemala, Washed
Karin Hernandez, Guatemala, Washed
Karin Hernandez, Guatemala, Washed
Karin Hernandez, Guatemala, Washed


Karin Hernandez, Guatemala, Washed

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Single Origin

Roast Date: 27/07 (minimum 20days resting is recommended) 


Farm: Finca Santa Isabel
Location: Ciudad Vieja, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1560m
Roast: Omni


Picture smooth, buttery milk chocolate, reminding you of toffee apples on bonfire night, quickly chased by a zingy citrus-y clementine that stays in the mouth for ages and ages- a real friend of the early evening, you can’t go wrong with this one. 

About Karin...

Located in Antigua, Guatemala, in the region of Volcán Fuego and Volcán de Agua, the ‘Water and Fire Volcanoes’, lifelong coffee producer Karin Hernandez and her family not only run 2 coffee farms, but they also manage Cafe Kapeu, a company that supports 700 other coffee producers all over Ciudad Vieja and Antigua. Karin works alongside her father (who founded the company) as Q Grader and Head of Quality Control, cupping coffees and advising small producers on the best processes and practices for their coffee production and then ensuring they earn the sale prices they deserve.

The coffees from both family farms, Finca Santa Isabel where this coffee is farmed and San José Buena Vista, are harvested entirely by women who take the utmost care to select the best cherries.

We rarely come across women in coffee producing coffees who are Q Graders, as well as being QC of two fantastic coffee farms, Karin is an inspiration and we wanted to not only support her efforts but also share her coffee with you all.

“As a woman I am proud to be able to support my family and small producers so that together we achieve that anyone in the world can have a good cup of Guatemalan coffee” Karin says.

Aeropress (Inverted)
You get a whiff of this coffee, and you wish you were already drinking it, so we took that impatience and ran with it, and out of that we found a great quick Aeropress recipe that was minimal faff, maximum flavour- picture a smooth, buttery milk chocolate reminding you of toffee apples on bonfire night, quickly chased by a zingy citrusy clementine that really lingers in the mouth.

16g medium-coarse ground coffee (slightly coarser than a typical Aeropress recipe)
200g water*
total brew time 2.30
*we brewed ours at 90°

1. Pre-wet your Aeropress filter over your chosen vessel (this pre-wets your filters, and also preheats your cup).
2. Preheat your inverted Aeropress chamber, too, and be sure to empty both the chamber and the cup before you begin. 
3. Put the 16g of coffee in the aero chamber, gently shake the Aeropress to ensure your dry coffee is flat and evenly distributed.  
4. Pour 30g water into the chamber for the bloom, agitate with either the paddle or by swirling the chamber, and leave for 30 seconds.  
5. After 30 seconds, steadily pour in the remaining 170g water, being sure to evenly cover all grounds in the chamber.
6. At 2 minutes, place on the cap and flip the Aeropress onto your vessel- plunge for 30 seconds applying even and consistent weight.
7. Enjoy!