Kayon Mountain, Ethiopia - Filter Roast


Kayon Mountain, Ethiopia - Filter Roast

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Single Origin 

Region Shakiso, Oromia
Producer Small Holders
Altitude 1900 - 2200 MASL
Variety Heirloom

Notes: Green Grape, Cherry and Blueberry

The Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm is owned by multiple families that have been born and raised around the experience of coffee. These shareholding members had mainly been supplying coffee to auction for the past 30 years until they started their farm in 2012. This farm boasts a 500-hectare spread, of which half is planted in heirloom Typica coffee and the other land reserved for cabbage, and indigenous shade trees. 
By 2015, they had implemented washing stations and dry-hullers allowing them to start exporting their own coffees and now see an annual production of about 300 tonnes. The coffees see an average fermentation time of 24–36 hours, followed by an average drying time of 12–20 days. As for the future, Kayon Mountain plans to plant more coffee, improve the quality of their processing, and even begin leasing more land to expand their practice.