Kenya Asali Peaberry AA
Kenya Asali Peaberry AA


Kenya Asali Peaberry AA

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Single Origin

Origin: Aberdare Ranges, Thika, Kenya
Elevation: 1600-1900masl
Varietal: SL28 & SL34
Tasting Notes: Blackcurrants, plums, and floral notes. A highly complex profile,syrup, juicy with a bright acidity and medium to full body. Smooth, tannic and a sweet aftertaste.

Peaberries are a peculiarity in coffee harvests, where only one of the two seeds (coffee beans) is fertilized, whereas in normal cases the two seeds are developed and have flattened sides facing each other, a peaberry would be able to grow fully and have a oval, rounder shape, hence the name. They roast differently and hence may have slight differences to their flatter cousins in terms of profile, because they're denser and usually smaller in size. 

This coffee is harvested in the 160km ranges of Aberdare, just north of Nairobi, Kenya's capital. With over a hundred farmers under the Asali cooperative, they produce more than 60 thousand kilograms of coffee a year. In March during harvesting, the cherries are hand-picked and pulped in a wet mill, fermented for 24 hours, and finally sun-dried on drying tables. 

Kenya is an East African powerhouse with its coffee being some of the most distinctive and distinguishable in the coffee world. With its favourable climate and geography and good processing techniques, it is no wonder that Kenyan coffee is compared to the fine wines coming produced in Bordeaux. 

 It is not unsurprising that The prevailing weather conditions in East Africa, along with high altitude from the mountainous terrain, offer great growing conditions. “AA” indicates the large bean size and is the most sought after of Kenyan coffees. From the growing, to research and development and to production, the whole process is controlled meticulously with the thousands of farmers highly educated in their agricultural trade.

Kenya AA has consistently been one of the world's best rated coffees, and we feel it's a great way to start your single origin journey of coffee with us. A must-try in our book.