Matunda Romance, Ethiopia - Heirloom


Matunda Romance, Ethiopia - Heirloom

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Single Origin

Country: Ethiopia 
Flavour Notes: Apricot, Strawberry, Lemonade, Frangipani

The Guji Zone is no stranger to consistently producing coffees of very high caliber. Coffees from this region often produce complex & distinct flavours & characteristics which balances very well be it as an espresso or filter. 

They are very known for traditional processing techniques, more notably naturals. 

This coffee completely caught our attention right from the start with its distinctive over-the-top floral & fruity dry fragrance. It's flavour & aromatics stood out even when cupped side by side with other fellow Ethiopian coffees on the table.

But the team was completely sure that this was the right coffee for us when learnt about their cultivation practices. This coffee was produced following an organic practice without the use of fertilizers nor pesticides. We loved the ethical approach as it preserves nature as well as lowers the hazardous risk for farmers as pesticides do endanger the health of farmers throughout their long tenures farming.