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Single Origin

Country of Origin: Nicaragua - Finca La Virgen
Processing Method: Washed Process
Body: Light to Medium Body
Aroma:  Milk Chocolates, Melon, Sugar Cane, Wild Honey
Acidity: Medium Starfruit Acidity
Why we liked it:
Absolutely delicious!
This coffee has an incredibly rich taste. It is sophisticated and has a velvety finish.
Versatile - you can drink it black or with milk and experience the different flavour bursting on your tongue. A very delightful cup of coffee indeed!

For the geeks:
FINCA LA VIRGEN is located in the stunning green mountains of Matagalpa Nicaragua, with a cultivated area of 180 hectares of coffee. La Virgen is widely acknowledged as exemplary model of sustainability, productivity, quality and technology. Owned by two families, Hueck Figueroa and Ponçon Güier, it is the product of friendship, partnership and coffee passion. Producers of specialty coffee since 1995, when Henry Hueck acquired the farm, he took over the management of this coffee plantation without any prior experience in the coffee industry.
One of the first projects at the farm since the beginning was to invest in building homes for permanent workers, as well as attention and creation of an ecosystem. La Virgen shows that it can be productive in a sustainable way, investing in free schooling, computers, medical care for workers, their families as well as the wider community, transforming farms into real havens where people live in harmony with the environment that surrounds them, allowing to improve the quality of life of their workers and the community.
These values allow FINCA LA VIRGEN to continue providing their customers with top quality coffee, as well as growing as a business by developing and refining their production techniques, bringing exciting new flavours and processes to an ever-growing and changing market.