Our Favourite Espresso: Ferney Cruz, Colombia
Our Favourite Espresso: Ferney Cruz, Colombia


Our Favourite Espresso: Ferney Cruz, Colombia

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Single Origin

Roast date: 26/05

Our Favourite Espresso changes with the seasons and our mood. It's not a specific flavour profile but the coffee that we find the most exciting to have as espresso at the moment. Whichever coffee we use, you can always count on Our Favourite Espresso to be fresh, in season and with a clear sense of origin. Just the way we like it.

Right now, Our Favourite Espresso comes from:
Ferney Cruz - Colombia, Tarqui
Variety: Caturra and Colombia
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1900 m.a.s.l.
Harvested: September 2020
Taste notes:  Sweet and complex with notes of orange blossom and raspberry
Category: Espresso Roasts

250 grams of whole beans roasted for a light to medium bodied espresso or a heavier filter brew.

The competition Best of Tarqui brings coffee roasters and producers together, and we’ve been a part of it four times now. We got to cup and score coffee from over 60 producers from the area and this is how we got introduced to Ferney in 2018. His coffee was our absolute favourite, and he placed third in the competition. His placement meant that he got payed a premium and that we bought this lot for over twice the market price. This year Ferney chose not to compete but to sell his coffee directly to us as we were more than happy to not only match, but raise the premium we paid for his beautiful coffee to ensure our continued relationship with Ferney.