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Single Origin

Country: Guatemala
Producer: Orlando Paz Lara
Altitude: 1800 MSAL
Varietal: Pache Typica, Caturra
Processes: Fully Washed
Notes: Chocolate Chip Cookies

We've roasted this coffee to a Medium-Dark degree to showcase its caramels and brown sugar notes.

Guatemala is one of the most renowned origins of coffee, especially in Central America. There’s just so much diversity in growing regions within Guatemala where the altitude, soil and climate conditions all meet to produce quality coffee.

From Antigua, to Acatenango Valley, Atitlán to Cobán – it’s just not hard to imagine the diverse tastes of Guatemala in a cup.

Anacafé, the country’s coffee board, has led pioneering efforts to define the country’s coffee-producing regions based on cup profile, climate, soil, and altitude. As a result of this ambitious project, 8 distinct regions producing Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) coffees have been identified in Guatemala.

Finca San Vicente Pacaya is located in the Antigua region of Guatemala, which is arguably Guatemala’s best-known coffee growing region. It possess rich volcanic soil, plenty of sun to promote even drying, and cool nights to encourage slower fruit growth (which helps develops more sugars in the cherries).

Orlando Paz Lara and his family has been growing coffee for generations, as most farms in Antigua. they grow a particular strain of Bourbon that is quite popular in Guatemala; Pache. They also grow the Typica and Caturra varietals, which benefits from the high altitude amongst the mountains which their farm is located at. A water spring inside the property provides clean water that allows the fruit of their wet processing to shine.

This lot is exemplary of their efforts – with honeyed sweetness and refreshing citric acidity, reminiscent of lemons showing in the cup. The base notes of Chocolate and Caramel make it a great coffee to roast and brew for espresso – making it one of the most sweet, yet complex, juicy, and creamy espresso that we have had in a while.