Rwanda Umurage


Rwanda Umurage

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Single Origin

Origin: Kigoma Sector, Huye District of Southern Province
Altitude: 1750 masl
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Harvest: May - July
Processing: Natural
Notes: Aroma of roses with acidity of strawberries. Coupled with a smooth, creamy and chocolate-y finish.
200g Filter Roast

This lot is particularly rare. Rwanda is not well-known for its naturally processed coffees, as the government’s coffee program (post-1990s turmoil) has typically focused on wet processing as a means of achieving higher quality. As such, washing stations have been dissuaded from using the natural method, due to its traditional association with lower grade coffees. This exceptional lot illustrates the best that natural processing has to offer perfectly. It’s boozy, fruity profile is clean and sweet without a trace of over-ferment. The very high quality can only be attributed to Buf’s staff’s diligent attention to detail.