Siltepec, Mexico - Bourbon


Siltepec, Mexico - Bourbon

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Single Origin,
150g or 300g 

Country: Mexico
Region: Chiapas 
Varietal: Marsellesa, Bourbon 
Notes: Caramel, Green Apples, 80% Dark Cocoa, Oolong

This organic micro-lot comes from cooperative GRAPOS, based primarily in the state ofChiapas, Mexico. In the small town of Vega Del Rosario, home to less than a 1,000 people, the best lots are selected to produce this exciting group lot.Chiapas, Mexico’s southernmost state has long been known for its high grown coffee. The largest producing state in the country, with high altitudes and plentiful water sources, Chiapas has all the potential for high-quality coffee production. The socio-political landscape is not without its challenges, however.

Years of disinvestment at the level of the state has left the state’soverwhelmingly smallholder farmers at a great disadvantage, for the most part, underprepared to confront recent crises such as climate change, the appearance of coffee leaf rust and ageing plantation age (not to mention general economic stagnation in rural communities).The producer organisation Grupo de Asesores de Producción Orgánica y Sustentable (GRAPOS) S.C was formed in August of 2007 to give smallholder farmers a leg up in facing these challenges. Emerging from the price crises of the 90s and early 00s, coffee farming communities near the town of Tapachula at the Southern tip of Chiapas were feeling at wit's end. As farmers began comparing notes, they realised they were all in a similar situation.

When GRAPOS first formed, 90 smallholder farmers -mostly from the Siltepec municipality -saw joining together as the only way that they could survive in the new climate.The Group knew that it would be necessary to gain Organic and Fair Trade certification for them to grow since these certifications would enable them to reach new markets for their production. They achieved certification and began reaching out to new communities and producers, always intending to help smallholder farmers gain market access and improve their production and livelihoods. Their gains have been quite impressive by any standards. From 2007 until 2016, GRAPOS grew from 90 members to a highly active group of 3,337 members hailing from 194 communities in Southern Chiapas. Today, the largest group of members still hail from Siltepecmunicipality, but their numbers also count with members from Comalapa, Escuintla, and Soconusco.

GRAPOS’s mission, above all, is to be the leading group of coffee producers in Chiapas. To them, this means offering an exceptional and sustainable product to their clients whilst also ensuring social and economic development for their members. To achieve this mission, they invest heavily in training and financing for members, providing essential services including access to pre-harvest finance, technical assistance and community development programs.