Yunnan, Baoshan - China


Yunnan, Baoshan - China

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Single Origin

Area: Baoshan
Country: China
Region: Yunnan
Varietal: Catimor
Processed: Fully washed
Farm Altitude:1 500 m 
Processing: Dried on African beds
Dry Aroma : Strong Cocoa
Wet Aroma :  Almond
Taste: Chocolate, Stone fruits like tangerines
Structure: b Sweet and Clean with mild acidity
Aftertaste: Mellow
Suitable for: Filter

Catimor was developed in Portugal in 1959 by scientists searching for the magical formula of high yields, high disease resistance and small plant size (i.e. higher density planting).  The variety is a hybrid of the Timor Hybrid (resistant to coffee leaf rust due to its Robusta genetic roots) and Caturra.

Catimor was first introduced in Brazil in 1970, but shortly after the plant quickly spread throughout Latin America via experts looking for coffee varieties with high productivity and high yields. At high altitudes and very low altitudes, the plant does not tend to thrive. However, at around 700 to 1,000 meters it is at its optimal.

You may find similarities in terms of taste between Yunnan Coffee and Brazil coffee. That is because it is a hybrid of Timor. These beautiful coffees where bought by MCM. But there do not qualify as Specialty coffees. Only 4 bags of 250g are available. Based on first come first serve basis. We have cupped and tasted this cup during Cafe Asia and wanted to purchase it last year but it was already sold out before it landed in Singapore. 

Today Catimor is common throughout Indonesia and Vietnam. In the wake of Central America’s coffee leaf rust crisis, it is also becoming increasingly common at higher altitudes in countries such as Mexico and Peru.

One of the major issues often cited with Catimor is the issue of cup quality. At low altitudes, there tends to be little or no sensory difference between the variety and other C. arabica varieties. Distinction in taste can arise, however, when the plants are planted higher than 1,200 metres above sea level. In such cases, many would express a preference for Caturra, Bourbon and Catuaí. However, we’ve met Catimors that we like very much, indeed – for instance, those from Vietnam and Indonesia. We maintain that well-cared-for and well-processed Catimor can display great characteristics. To quote our friend Steve Leighton at HasBean, “There is no such thing as a bad varietal, just a varietal planted in a bad space.”

Some sub-cultivars:

Catimor T-8667 – is a rather short plant with very big berries and seeds.

Catimor T-5269 – a strong plant that adapts well on growing heights between 600-900m above sea level with rainfall more than 3000mm per annum.

Catimor T-5175 – is a productive and robust plant that doesn’t tolerate very low and very high growing conditions.

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